More than just another FTP Server!

Easy to use remote viewing and storage solution for IP cameras (Networked CCTV Cameras).
CamaC sounds an alert when new pictures are uploaded and provides easy access to historical events.


  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Responsive layout adapts for mobile devices
  • Your data is safe. Encrypted HTTPS access
  • Access from anywhere via Internet and browser.
  • No router configuration required.
  • No static IP or dynamic proxy requirement.
  • No vulnerabilities from open network ports
  • No software or plugins to install
  • No DVR video recorder to maintain.
  • Data safe from theft, equipment damage or power-out
  • Handles low bandwidth environments
  • Cheaper than powering a recorder. (Currently FREE!)


  • Entry door monitor
  • Visitor alerts
  • Intrusion detection
  • Baby monitor
  • Elderly relative monitor
  • Pet monitor
  • Equipment monitor
  • Wildlife observation
  • Time lapse progression
  • Weather monitoring
  • Whatever you want!

Setup and Settings

CamaC User Manual
Generic IP camera FTP setup guide Install the Android App Install the Windows 10 App Install the Chrome OS App


  • Your data is safe and secure.
  • HTTPS secure connection ensures that Browser link is trusted and encrypted
  • FTPS supported to encrypt image transfer to the server
  • No vulnerabilities to your network from open ports
  • No third party software or plugins to install
  • Data preserved in the event of camera theft, damage or power disconnection
  • Read more at IP Camera Security Blog


The Login page features two demonstration accounts.

The first is a pre recorded multi camera setup generated from Cologne airport webcams.

The second account features our CamCam App runnning on an old cellphone pointing at a bird feeding table. Every time a bird comes to feed, it triggers an AI bird detection event that causes images to upload to the server and display in real time.


A high performance FTP server specialised for IP cameras and accessed using any standard web browser via a Vaadin powered Rich Internet Application.


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