CamaC by Comet Scientific Software Ltd.

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While working from a home office, I became increasingly frustrated by unnecessary interruptions from cold callers and conversely also annoyed by missed deliveries. To overcome this problem, I installed an IP camera to monitor my front door.

The camera came with remote access software and a viewer for the live picture. Triggers are provided for motion detection or scheduled on a timer allowing a group of pictures to be either emailed or transferred via FTP. However, the email route quickly becomes tiresome due to the volume of generated traffic. The native FTP solution is also tedious because of the quantity of pictures generated and the difficulty in locating the relevant image. Also, there was no mechanism for a timely notification of something happening.

I wrote the original application to solve this problem for me and thought maybe other people would find this useful. This has evolved into the Camac IP Camera remote viewer FTP Application.